Is your website fit for purpose?

We can help you improve it – Improve it for whom? For your potential customers to want to stay and look around, to navigate easier to convert them into loyal customers and to be found by Google and other search engines.

Search Engine Optimisation is essential if you want to be found by your customers searching on the internet for your products or services. We can help you with On Page SEO, Link building, Google places, social media, blogging, article writing, social bookmarking, Google Analytics, Key Word searches, webmaster tools and making videos and slide shows for YouTube, to mention a few.SEO-magnify2-300x234We will look at all areas of your website or blog to ensure you are getting the most out of it and more importantly, getting sales and loyal customers continuing to come back time and time again. Design, functionality, navigation, accessibility and effectiveness.

Get in touch with Dina, she has continued success and always provides a return on your investment.
We provide website software and website support to ensure you have the right product for you. If we cannot provide you with the right solution we will recommend another website provider to ensure you get what you need. Customer service is our no 1 priority. We can help provide you with the following types of Websites, please click on the links to review an example of each:

Brochure Websites
Value for money Brochure Websites as an online brochure with all the detail you would put in your perfect Business Literature including your imagery and contact details.
Ecommerce Websites
Sell your products or services on line. With images and prices on your Ecommerce Websites allowing you to take payment online and take bookings for your services.
Directory Websites
Online Directory Website of different businesses or clubs etc. where people can post their own entries. Options would include a basic entry or paid entry for a featured listing.
Bespoke Websites
Completely Bespoke Websites with all the functionality and imagery you require.

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We can provide you with or help you with your Website to ensure you are getting the most out of it.

This is one of our Brochure Website – Oakford Cottage – Whatstandwell – Peak District…. 

Oakford Cottage website value for money Website design

We will find the right solution for you.

  • We work with many website design and hosting companies throughout Derbyshire
  • We understand websites, we understand their purpose and we help you decide
  • We understand SEO and can help you be found
  • We understand the maze of options out there and we help you get the solution that is right for you

We can provide you with the following types of Websites:


You can have any  design you want that best promotes your business. Ensuring it is enriched with architecture, page layouts, information and branding of your business and your unique selling points, always with the customer in mind.

The first point to  consider is the purpose of creating the website and the technology that you want to choose to have a perfect web design. The choice of  technology that a web designer decides on has many factors; one of the most vital one is budget. However, the aim of creating a good website is to showcase the services and products to a wider public. High street shoppers  comprise of those who reside or visit certain parts of the world whereas internet shoppers are from across the whole world. By making your website the window to your shop with attractive banners and in most cases cool commercials, you are sure to win over thousands of clicks to your site each day making your business highly profitable.

A web design should have much creativity in portraying the services or the products that the owner would like the visitors to view. It should have enough information about the product with highlights of the special features like contact information. If a customer is trying to find you the first approach would be the internet to get your contact details.

Visitors to your website: THE FIRST 5 SECONDS COUNT –  BIG TIME!!!

The bounce rate does  make a difference. It can make all the difference in the world for a successful business and a failure.

To create a website  and make it successful, a designer should spend much time and put in a lot of effort providing important expansion features that would benefit the owner of the website at a later date when he/she faces stiff competition in the market world. Every website should be monitored and maintained by feeding in state of the art products and providing updated information about the product or the services that are being marketed.


We can help you set up your website, so that you can monitor all the facts and figures about where traffic is going from, the volume of traffic to your website, the bounce rate, the demographics of your visitors, where in the world your visitors and potential customers are coming from, what age they are etc…

DATA TRAINING – We help you set this  up and train you to monitor your target customers and visitors. You can have a one hour quick start session or half day set up and training  session.
DATA MONIORING – Monthly monitoring  and SEO maximising  1hour session (this  includes Half day set up and training session).

Here at Derbyshire Business Help we use the 5 P’s to Effective Marketing  Model primarily, alongside our business coaching GROW Model to ensure you are always looking at the BIG PICTURE, not just one area of your business in isolation.

Here is an overview of the 5 P’s…

You’ve done everything right in your site design. Your navigation is clear and simple to use, graphics load quickly and the design is pleasing as easy to look at. Even the best design cannot guarantee your site success. If you want to succeed and stand out, you will need to incorporate important marketing elements into your website’s design.

The essential elements of marketing are easy to remember and include the following the 5 P’s to effective Marketing. We talk about them here primarily with reference to your business’s website, however these pointers do apply to all areas of your agreed strategy for your entire Marketing Plan. Always have these five key elements in mind when considering what you are currently doing and what you could do to make a difference.

ProductPricePromotionPhysical DistributionPeople

The 5 P’s of marketing can help you improve your site where it matters most-in the content and overall customer satisfaction of your site. By combining the elements of product, pricing, promotion, physical distribution and people with your site’s design elements, you’ll be on your way to more success on the Internet. Written prominently by: Eugenia Bivines and edited by Dina Holland

There are many ways to PROMOTE your business We list just a few of the methods here. We will help you decide on the right course of action for your business.
With a Business Coach you will have the right advise to ensure you have the right product.

We operate in all areas of Derbyshire and the Peak District covering each of the three cities Derby, Sheffield and Stockport. The Market towns of Ashbourne, Bakewell, Belper, Buxton, Chatsworth, Derby, Matlock, Leek, Congleton, Wirksworth alongside villages throughout including Abney, Alstonefield, Ashford In The Water, Ashover, Bamford, Barlow, Baslow, Birchover, Bradwell, Brassington, Bretton, Brailsford, Butterton, Calver, Carsington, Castleton, Chelmorton, Darley Dale, Dovedale, Earl Sterndale, Edale, Elton, Eyam, Flagg, Flash, Foolow, Glossop, Great Longstone, Grindleford, Hartington, Hathersage, Hope, Matlock Bath, Monyash, Over Haddon, Rowsley, Sheldon, Stoney Middleton, Taddington, Tideswell, Tissington, Wardlow, and Youlgrave.

We will also travel further afield throughout the Midlands and the UK, with negotiation and discussion needed on travelling costs and time.

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