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This business directory is for all local businesses in the Peak District and East Midlands. You can list your business for free in our Business Directory 

Listing your website and business in a business directory is beneficial if the business directory is relevant to your business. We promote local businesses here in Wirksworth, Derbyshire and the Peak District and really do want the East Midlands pound to stay in the East Midlands. It does benefit us all and keep business growth heading in the right direction.

Please try to add as much detail as you can about your business. Consider including key words that will help your business be found by your potential customers. Add a logo or picture of your business. When adding pictures it is advisable to ensure you have labelled them correctly with again key words to help your pictures be found on Google Images. Google Images are fast becoming a very useful way to search for local businesses and find what you are really looking for much quicker, alongside the Google search. If you are in doubt on any of the above tips for adding your business to our Business Directory, please go to Google Webmaster Tools for more help on maximising being found on the internet.

Thank you in advance for using our Free Business Directory, from the team at Derbyshire Business Directory.



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