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How effective is your Marketing Plan? Do you have one?

Marketing, social media and sales success with Derbyshire Business Help

Just the same as a business plan…a marketing plan must be written down.

You will have included the summary of your Marketing Plan in your Business Plan, therefore your Marketing Plan is a very detailed action plan of what you are going to do (specific activities), when you are going to do it, how and who. Time-scales for short, medium and long term are needed. Ideally a 90 day plan, 12 month plan and 3-5 year plan.

The Importance of having a Marketing Plan

In short, a marketing plan should describe how you would execute your marketing strategy (and hopefully it is a solid and sound strategy). Of course, your marketing strategy should be aligned with your business vision, mission, strategy and objectives. It goes without saying that marketing activities should be carried out in such a way that your business objectives can be reached.

So you need to know what your Goals are. What is the definition of BUSINESS SUCCESS to you?

The most obvious answer to this question is, and will be most companies or individual’s objective =  To make a PROFIT!

We know there are many factors that will drive your profit to a success.There are many other objectives you will want to achieve, day in day out.

You will also have outlined all the important stuff – Your mission, beliefs, your brand – what you stand for- how you do business, your expectations and your customer service levels.

However, if you are not in it for the profit, you are running a not for profit social welfare organization!

Profit, in simple terms, is an excess of returns over outgoings.

Profit is the third element in a price. To make a profit, is the ultimate test for any business – sooner or later, your business has to be profitable! You may even have a cash flow. However, be careful! What/who is the source of that cash flow? If it is your bank or investor’s money, it is not yet a profit. Some day your bank manager/investor will draw the line if you have not generated profits from sales! Eventually, your total income must exceed your total expenses. This is the bottom-line! You need sales and customers to make a profit. You need more sales and customers to experience growth. Therefore, you need a plan to reach potential customers by making use of different marketing tactics.

Therefore, your marketing plan must be effective and efficient!

Promoting your Business to increase either the amount of customers you have or to increase the amount your customers spend with you  – or of course both!

We can help you wade through the mass of advertisers and Directories to ensure part of your Marketing plan would include the following:

  1. You have the right companies advertising for you
  2. That you and your BRAND are seen in the right light and to the best of your own very unique selling points.
  3. The you maximise  the amount of traffic you have visiting your website (yes, whatever your business you need a website in some format)
  4. You have the correct ‘CALL TO ACTION’ steps and clearly communicated to your potential customers.
  5. We compare prices and provide you with the best value for money

Contact us now to provide you with independent advise and support on where you should spend your money on advertising your business.

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At Derbyshire Business Directory we use the 5 P’s to Effective Marketing  Model primarily, alongside our business coaching GROW Model to ensure you are always looking at the BIG PICTURE, not just one area of your business in isolation

Here is an overview of the 5 P’s…

You’ve done everything right in your site design.

Your navigation is clear and simple to use, graphics load quickly and the design is pleasing as easy to look at. Even the best design cannot guarantee your site success. If you want to succeed and stand out, you will need to incorporate important marketing elements into your website’s

The essential elements of marketing are easy to remember and include the following the 5 P’s to effective Marketing. We talk about them here primarily with reference to your business’s website, however these pointers do apply to all areas of your agreed strategy for your entire Marketing Plan. Always have these five key elements in mind when considering what you are currently doing and what you could do to make a difference.

ProductPricePromotionPhysical DistributionPeople


The 5 P’s of marketing can help you
improve your site where it matters most-in the content and overall
customer satisfaction of your site. By combining the elements of product,
pricing, promotion, physical distribution and people with your site’s
design elements, you’ll be on your way to more success on the Internet. Written
prominently by: Eugenia Bivines and edited by Dina Holland

There are many ways to Market and Promote your business We list just a few of the methods here. We will help you decide on the right course of action for your business…

Advertising Methods….

  • Adds on Google
  • Advertise on Mobile Telephones
  • Advertise with Email
  • Advertising Banners
  •  Banner Ads
  •  Billboards
  •  Bing Advertising
  •  Build Mailing Lists
  •  Buy Mailing Lists
  •  Car Magnets
  •  Catalogs
  •  Classified Ads
  •  Commercial Ideas
  •  Commercials
  •  Coupon Advertisements
  •  Coupons
  •  Create a Mailing List
  •  Create an Ad
  •  Digital Billboards
  •  Direct Mail Advertising
  •  Directory Online Advertising
  •  Fliers
  •  Flyer Distribution
  •  Flyers
  •  Free Ads
  •  Free Advertising
  •  Get Mailing Lists
  •  Google Adsense
  •  Google Adwords
  •  Infomercials
  •  Jingles
  •  Magazine Advertising
  •  Magnetic Business Cards
  •  Magnetic Signs
  •  Mailers
  •  Mass Mailings
  •  Mobile Ads
  •  Neon Lighting
  •  Neon Signs
  •  Newspaper Ads
  •  Newspaper Advertising
  •  Networking
  •  Portable Signs
  •  Postcards
  •  Poster Signs
  •  Print Advertising
  •  Print Media
  •  Radio Ads
  •  Radio Advertising
  •  Sign Design
  •  Social Media Advertising and Communicating
  •  Store Banners
  •  Store Signs
  •  TV Ads
  •  TV Advertising
  •  TV Commercials
  •  Vehicle Advertising
  •  Video Advertising
  •  Website promtion
  •  Word of Mouth
  •  Yahoo Advertising
  •  Yellow Page Ads
  •  Yellow Pages

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We will also travel further afield throughout the Midlands and the UK, with negotiation and discussion needed on travelling costs and time. We can help you with your marketing plan and help you grow towards success.


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