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Twitter will increase your sales!

Communicating with your customers or potential customers is important to get noticed. Building your brand  with a website is important but getting traffic to it is the key. Twitter CAN do this, and it CAN do it really effectively!twitter help derbyshire business help for independent retailers on line

Twitter is a fantastic tool to help you with marketing your business. Reinforcing you and your business, with brand Values and communicating your mission, values and purpose to your potential customers.

  • Twitter is an amazing way of promoting your business in a way that no other form of advertising can!
  • Brand awareness – is huge on Twitter
  • Twitter is a fantastic tool that can help you communicate with your customers in a way that you have never done before.
  • Twitter can drip feed your BRAND and can communicate who you really are and what you stand for, very effectively.
  • Twitter will help you promote special offers or special events
  • Twitter will help you get more traffic to your website
  • Twitter will help you increase your sales
  • Twitter can re-enforce you as an expert in your field
  • Engagement with your target audience
  • Gain a competitive advantage
  • Directing tweets to landing pages

We can help you do that

Our aim is to seek to help small businesses gain the relevant knowledge and skills to successfully utilise social media to help grow and develop your business. Tracking success with twitter is really easy. Using Google anayltics to understand where your potential customers are coming from will show you just how many visitors you have. We can set up your twitter account and build the amount of followers you gain.

We will set up your twitter account  = For a one time payment of only £190.

[This includes effective branding for the design of your twitter account, following relevant potential customers of yours, getting them to follow you. set you up with 1,000 followers and within 6 months a minimum of 2000 followers. These are relevant followers to your business. We will tweet 20 times a day for you, re-tweet up to 200 relevant accounts for you a day, ]

Monthly fee to management and maximise your twitter account = Only £97 per month. We can provide additional support for you on a bespoke basis.

Contact us today and we can help you with this massive opportunity to advertise your business.

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Here are some standard twitter tips to get you going if you want to DIY…

twitter help for independent retailers on line to increase your sales

This list of tips is designed to offer something for everyone, regardless of their experience. If you’re just starting and don’t understand the basic terms, we have it covered. Similarly, if you’ve been on Twitter for years and think you know everything, you might learn a few new tricks.

1 Set up a Twitter account
2 What's a tweet?
3 The Timeline
4 Following
5 Replies
6 Viewing replies
7 Direct messages
8 Retweeting
9 Old-style retweeting
10 Favourites
11 Hashtags
12 Trending topics

Finding your way around the Twitter website

13 Twitter's layout
14 The replies list
15 The activity stream
16 Searches
17 Lists
18 Choosing a profile picture
19 Customising your Twitter page

Effective Tweeting

20 Private tweeting
21 Why are you using Twitter?
22 Establish your voice
23 Crowd-source replies

Apps and mobiles

24 SMS text messaging
25 Twitter's mobile website and official apps
26 Dabr for mobile devices
27 Twitter on Nokia Symbian devices
28 Windows Phone's Mango People Hub
29 TweetDeck
30 Seesmic

Dealing with pests and avoiding becoming one

31 Watch your language
32 Over-doing hashtags
33 Writing long tweets
34 Unfollowing someone
35 Blocking unwanted followers
36 Spam and phishing attacks
37 Bulk unfollowing with ManageFlitter

Who to follow and how to be followed

38 WeFollow and Twellow
39 Klout
40 TwitterCounter

Adding photos, videos or location to tweets

41 Geotagging
42 Hosting photos on Twitter
43 Photos via third-party websites
44 Hosting videos for Twitter

Automating your account

45 TwitterFeed
46 Scheduling tweets

Advanced tips

47 URL shortening
48 Sending favourite tweets to Google Reader
49 Developing Twitter apps
50 Tweeting from the command line

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