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Business & Retail Expert Leader with 30 years experience gained within the multiple specialists sector including footwear & fashion/food & drink. Experience in retail management (store, area, regional, division), store operations, training & HR and Liaison. Dina has worked with independent small to medium retail, wholesale, tourism and leisure businesses. We have helped many small and medium sized businesses throughout Derbyshire and beyond. We have also helped many small businesses online all over the world.

Dina helps businesses succeed by providing down to earth and constructive support with a value for money service. Dina  prides herself in delivering outstanding customer service with integrity, confidentiality and a genuine commitment to helping you achieve business success.

She can increase your sales and profit margins and attract more customers to your business, strengthen customer loyalty and improve your online brand presence.

With over 33 years’ experience working in large corporate organisations and small to medium sized businesses, I specialise in assisting micro and SME’s. I will review the bigger picture, and break it down into bite sized goals; plan and review to ensure you keep on track for success.

A fully qualified Business Coach and Teacher, delivering numerous workshops throughout the UK to business owners, mature students and those wishing to become their own boss.

Whether it is one-to-one support you require or attending one of my workshops, I would be very happy to have a fifteen minute chat with you to establish your current requirements.

Testimonials Dina Holland Business, Retail & Online consultant & Master Trainer:

Digital High Street

After being asked to attend Digital High Street training, I was first apprehensive as I have sat in these kinds of training programs before and knowing a thing or too about the subject other trainers have bored the pants off me. Dina however is an exception, I have just completed a two day course with her leading it and enjoyed every minute of it. Her personality and experience is a godsend to the training industry. I would fully recommend her to anyone. Paul Collins - Owner of All about Croydon
I watched Dina deliver a Digital High Street Skills workshop to a group of independent retailers in Altrincham. To say that I saw “light bulbs” going on with the workshop participants, well…that would be an under-statement. It was dazzling!Guy Douglas - Digital High Street Programme Manager at ATCM
Dina has palyed an integral role in the set up the Digital High Street Skills programme in the UK. She has added her extensive social media and Ecommerce knowledge to the programme. Dina has taken on the role of Master trainer – taking the respoinsibility to train over 50 trainers on the programme in the first few months. Her training style and understanding of people is.Anthony Welfare - Retail and Ecommerce Professional
Dina is a great motivator and has a great stye that encourages others to take action. She builds confidence in the people she works with and is passionate about learning, training and building sustainable communities.Dr. Sarah Rawlinson - Assistant Director University of Derby
Dina is a retail industry expert with considerable experience who delivers engaging development sessions that deliver impressive results for participants.Dr. Peter Dewhurst - Strategic Director, University of Derby Buxton
Dina helped me develop my new business. She listened carefully and responded professionally in a way that allowed me to flourish. Her advice was well organised and timely as well as delivered in a way that suited my business and style of working. She is an enthusiastic and supportive advisor.Sue Prince - Managing Director at Beechenhill Artworks Ltd
Dina came to my notice in 2012. From the moment I spoke to her she was a great help and always a click or a call away. She changed my business web site, also my social media presence and results started coming in from day 1. I would recommend Dina as I have done to a family member who is also impressed with her work. She is a great asset to any business.Graham Calladine - Chairman (East Midlands) at A.I.B.C.
Dina, worked with us during marketing meetings and promotional days. She provided detailed schedules and objectives for the sessions, providing a structured work plan for the team. She processed each meeting and session with feedback and assessment profiles for each task and helped dissect the information into workable future objectives. I found Dina very personable and a pleasure to work with. She integrated well and worked diplomatically with our diverse team of Directors. I look forward to working with Dina on future projects, and would recommend her to fellow associates. Thank you Dina.

Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High IntegrityJake Else - Managing Director at Derbyshire Quads

Dina is excellent – she looks at your business and what you want to do individually and from a completely fresh perspective, finding ideas and approaches that you may not have even considered. With her friendly and professional approach, Dina forces you to take ownership of the future of your business and look at the bigger picture. In my work with Dina I have developed marketing plans and a vision of where I can take my company in the future. I would recommend Dina to anyone wanting to take their business to the next stage, whether you are a sole trader or a corporation she can help you move forwards.

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good ValueDale Preece-Kelly - Managing Director Critterish Allsorts

Dina is a genuine people person and almost impossible not to like. She is honest, reliable, punctual, funny, always prepares thoroughly and gives her best. Dina’s knowledge and understanding of business, particularly retail, as well as evolving technologies, combined with her well honed communication, facilitation and training skills can’t be faulted. I work with Dina as a fellow freelancer and always feel confident about a project if Dina is on the team.Jean Ball - Partnership, Events and Place Manager, Freelance
Expert in all she does, it gave me confidence in my business.Yolande Anderson - Freelance cartoonist/illustrator
Dina is a results driven leader who knows how to motivate people to achieve . She consistently outperformed her peers whilst maintaining good relationships with them and is a strong team player.Yvonne Rankin - Chief Executive, First Quench Retailing Ltd
I have no hesitation in recommending Dina from Derbyshire Business Help
Dina is a valuable asset for any business, provides fresh ideas that work and can look at your business from a different angle to that of the owner

Dina over delivers in all her meetings that I have had with her.
Highly recommend.David Ibbitson - Managing Director and Owner at Goherefordshire

Dina is a highly accomplished Regional Manager with extensive experience of managing a field managment team in a high pressure retail environment. In addition to full P&L responsibility for a retail Division of over 250 stores Dina lead a number of key business projects demonstrating the necessary communcation skills to engage and influence key stakeholders and lead cross functional project teams. Dina earned respect from her team by dedicating time and energy to their personal development both to the benefit of the business and the individuals themselves. Dina embraced and enabled change programmes in challenging circumstances by making important contributions to programme development and through thorough execution. I would recommend Dina to any organisation looking for a dedicated people and customer focused retail professional.Mark Dence - Operations Director, First Quench Retailing Ltd

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Dina is a highly experienced retail professional with a wholly positive outlook and an ability to get the job done. She is an excellent manager of people, who inspires, motivates and gains respect from those whom she manages. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to a potential employer.Sue Dixon - Head of Group Licensing & Business Protection, First Quench Retailing Ltd
I have always found Dina to be a people person, she manages and motivates her team well, so that they achieve the best results. She is a stickler for detail and procedure which has helped her produce some excellent sales and profit results whilst with thresher, I would highly recommend her to any future employer…. Kevin ReardonKevin Reardon - Regional Manager, First Quench Ltd
Dina is a professional retailer who is very commercially and people focused. She demonstrates a wide vision of the market place and is able to identify and maximise the return of key business opportunities. Dina is able to motivate and enthuse a team working with her as she demonstrates natural leadership skills. She has always taken the time to coach her team to ensure individual strengths are maximised and weaknesses are minimised. Dina sets high standards for herself and others and whilst she will always give recognition for achievement she is prepared to challenge underperformance. She is a confident individual who is able to articulate and communicate with all levels of a business and has therefore earned the respect of working colleagues around her at all levels. As a colleague she was always there to support and encourage. Dina would be an asset for any business in an operational role.Kevan Davey - Retail Operations Manager (Project Manager), First Quench Retailing Ltd
Dina was a very supportive manager who constantly helped me drive higher standards and levels of performance.David Hiles - District Manager, First Quench Ltd
Dina was great to work with; a professional and personable at the same time. Dina is extremely knowledgeable in her field and had a great eye for detail. I would recommend Dina as a great asset to any organisation.Parveen Machilé - HR Training, Thresher Group Ltd
Dina is one of those people I instantly knew I would get on with! She is passionate about business, sales and more importantly cares about her customers. She is a real fun person to be around! Dina’s passion for helping independent local retailers shines through, an asset to any business!Cathy Dean - 4N Area Leader Staffordshire, 4Networking
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  • Please provide us with as much details as possible, to help us understand how we can best help you. Many thanks from the Team at Derbyshire Business Help.
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